crafter of words Business blog writing team

Kathleen Krueger is the head honcho at Crafter of Words, her freelance writing company. Kathleen has never seen other writers as competitors but as fellow players on the same team. Because of this, she has developed a strong network in the writing community. A small group of those experienced writers provide ongoing blog articles to Crafter of Words clients. 

Marketing companies can increase their capacity without complicating their project management. Kathleen will handle hiring and assigning writers. As a marketing company grows their list of blog clients, they don’t have to grow their list of content providers. Crafter of Words handles the growth and vetting of writers.

To summarize the benefits:

  • Increased content capacity without the project management headaches of multiple vendors.
  • Working with an experienced writer who has excellent client communication skills.
  • Knowing that content is always proofed by a second set of eyes (even the best writers make mistakes).

For more information on blog writing services from  the Crafter of Words team, contact Kathleen for a quote.  


Hi. I'm Kathleen Krueger. 
Website Copywriting Specialist

After 20+ years working with the precision of numbers as a bookkeeper, I abandoned my love of spreadsheets and embraced a new passion - the Love of Words.

It began with poetry, but has become so much more. Since 2011, I have been a full-time freelance writer. I have interviewed business owners and celebrities for magazine articles, written hundreds of business blogs and many other types of content.  Website copy has surfaced to the top as my preferred niche. It has a lot in common with poetry, I guess. Both require thoughtful, creative word choices that generate an emotive response.